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Patricia Eslava Vessey

Patricia Eslava Vessey is a PCC credentialed coach through the International Coach Federation (ICF), clinical hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner of NLP, fitness trainer, health coach, and author. 

She's hypnotized thousands in her one-to-one and group hypnosis classes. And she's created and presented a wide variety of personal development workshops at local colleges, conferences, and corporate events. She has also created and taught an assortment of fitness-exercise classes, including weight training and yoga, for three decades. 

Patricia helps her students and clients of all ages to dream bigger, make better choices, and achieve powerful and lasting changes by learning to use the power of their mind. Patricia wanted to fuse the benefits in both her careers, working with the mind, and with the body into a compelling, unique, transforming way so people could heal, change, and improve their lives. 

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