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Patricia Eslava Vessey

2021 Conference

HypnoKinesthetics is based on cellular memory theory, which states that everything we’ve experienced including traumas, tragedies, and even triumphs and all their associated emotions has been memorialized, downloaded and stored in the cellular tissues in various locations in our body.  HypnoKinesthetics is an evidenced-based, personal improvement system combining NLP, coaching, hypnosis, and movement to generate change, healing, and solutions to a multitude of life’s challenges. It uses specific movement patterns to change thoughts, feelings, and ultimately, behaviors. This system empowers you to transform the cellular memories stored within your powerful mind-body relationship to improve your life. 

You will learn...

the background, research, framework supporting HypnoKinesthetics (HK).

objectives for a 2, 4,6-hour class.

thebasic NLP patterns in HK, somatic syntax, spatial sorting timeline, NLP language.

the elements involved in leading HK techniques, (NLP, Coaching, Hypnosis, leading physical movement). 

how, when, where to use HK.

how  to successfully lead people through HK techniques (practice with feedback).

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