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Sarah Frossell and Hilly Raphael

Sarah is a consultant/coach/facilitator, running in house and open NLP and Executive Coaching and Leadership programmes. I work in Fortune 100 companies and the public sector with leaders and top teams, using Accelerated and 21st Century learning approaches, and my English and Drama background to make things lively and energising.

Hilly is researching embodied memory and awakening new possibilities by engaging the imagination (that is the imaginal rather than the imaginary). Through building on decades of professional experience as an NHS occupational therapist, training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and in Voice and Movement Integration, and most recently practising as a Mindfulness teacher, her research uses autobiographical material to re-story her own path in the World. She loves sea-swimming, grandparenting and recycling.

Topics Presented

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Healing Lives with NLP - Co-researching Recovery


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