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A New Theory of Personality

Connirae Andreas

2024 Conference

In this presentation Connirae will be sharing with you a new “theory of personality.”

Usually in NLP we don’t spend any time thinking about theory of personality. As a field, we’re more interested in operational procedures that get dependable results. This is Connirae's interest too.

However, life has guided her to explore deeper change, and this led her to a new recognition of what we could call the unconscious structure of personality.

How did she get here?

A personal experience with Milton Erickson opened her up to realising the profound potential we all have. She experienced a profound wellbeing, that sitting in Erickson’s office seemed permanent. But it soon faded, leaving her to wonder how to regain what she'd glimpsed.

This propelled her to discover transformation methods that can guide each of us to this profound wellbeing in a more permanent way. The first was Core Transformation, with which you may be familiar. Then, even simpler yet involving more intricacies – the Wholeness Work has been the culmination. It’s a set of methods, currently over 20 specific methods, that if used in a specific order, can guide each person in a journey through the unconscious, of healing, transformation, and deep integration. We discover increasing wholeness and wellbeing. (It’s completely different than Core Transformation, yet is aligned.)

In teaching WW, people sometimes ask Connirae questions about the theory underneath the method – and she mostly says, “That doesn’t matter,” “With this kind of deep change, mental understanding won’t help you get there faster. And it tends to get in the way.”

That’s still true. However, She's come to recognise an implicit “theory of personality” that these methods emerge from. And she thinks perhaps this new theory of personality may offer something in helping us understand the nature of the human being, the human psyche, and what makes it possible to heal and transform at the deepest levels.

Every change method is an expression of some “theory of personality,” whether implicit or explicit. Many methods share the same theory of personality. As we know from NLP, “the map is not the territory.” We also know that the better our map of the territory, the easier and more direct our journey to our destination.

Connirae would like to offer this theory of personality as a possible map for the territory of the human psyche. Perhaps this makes it easier for us together to make the journey of discovering more wholeness, more wellbeing, more “love” within.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to have access to transformation methods that can help with ordinary stress and life issues, and can also work to transform and heal intergenerational patterns of hate and distrust.

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