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Connirae Andreas

Connirae Andreas has been a key teacher and developer in the field of NLP, from the early days. She and her husband Steve Andreas played a significant role in bringing NLP into the mainstream, through creating and publishing early popular books on NLP based on the work of the field's co-developers. (Frogs into Princes, Trance-formations, Reframing.) She has always been known for a combined dedication to quality, to precision, and to "heart" in her NLP teaching.

Connirae's developments have broadened the field of NLP in many ways. One of her missions, quite early on, was to discover methods that could "go deeper" and "work more consistently with the difficult clients." Out of this came two new significant change methods that people report have healed issues that had previously been resistant to change, plus people report these leading to "spiritual change." They are Core Transformation, and the Wholeness Work.

Connirae is the author or co-author of many NLP books and training manuals, including:

  • Heart of the Mind, (an introduction to NLP)

  • Change Your Mind - and Keep the Change (advanced NLP)

  • Core Transformation

  • Coming to Wholeness

  • The NLP Practitioner Training Trainer Manual

  • The Core Transformation Trainer Manual

  • The Wholeness Work Trainer Manual

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Masterclass: Rethinking transformation - Accessing Deeper Levels of Change

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