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Accessing Hidden Resources by Engaging Inner Selves

Nishe Patel

2022 Conference

Through this session you’ll discover how limiting patterns can be interrupted, and eventually dispelled, by engaging inner selves like the inner critic. This exciting and creative approach blends elements from depth psychology, NLP, and metaphor landscapes, all within a clear frame that engages the client’s imagination.

Through this session we’ll go on a brief journey into the world of inner selves. We’ll begin by understanding what they can be like and how we may have created them, before exploring the ACE frame for working with them. AWARENESS: Supporting your client to recognise their internal experiences and to notice the patterns that exist between these. CONNECTION: Providing guidance to your client so they can start to bring their inner selves to life and engage with them at a surface level. EXPLORATION: Facilitating a conversation between your client and their inner selves, guiding them to seek insight and develop their relationship.

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