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Dreams to Reality in motion

Thabiso Mailula

2021 Conference

When coaching people from where they are to where they want to go in their journey of life, I've noticed that they often get stuck because of various reasons. They either do not know what exactly they want to achieve or they know what to achieve but do not know how to achieve it. In this session I will share with you a tool that I have used to help clients know exactly what they want to achieve and how to achieve it. I will also share how this tool has benefited me in my NLP career journey. You will get an opportunity to experience how this tool integrates the communication model, presuppositions, the five principles to success and the use of sub-modalities.

You will learn...

a goal setting tool that helps in creating a strategic mindset for personal and business executions.

a practical way to get clarity about your dreams.

how to evaluate your current reality in a way that empowers you to move towards your dreams.

to assess individual or organisational strengths, development areas, opportunities and challenges in relation to the set goals.   

how to develop a way forward that enables you or your clients to take advantage of the opportunities, prepare to face or avoid the potential challenges and improve their developmental areas in your journey towards achieving your dream.

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