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Thabiso Mailula

Thabiso Mailula is a highly passionate South African NLP Trainer who arrived into the International NLP space at the 2018 NLP International Conference like fireworks, with amazing energy that had him connect with almost everyone who attended the NLP Conference.

Thabiso is the 2018 ANLP Inspiration Award winner for the efforts he made to leave South Africa for the first time to attend the NLP Conference and Awards with the help of his friends, family, students, business partners and clients, who all contributed to enabling him to attend the NLP Conference in London.

Thabiso launched the Subconscious Frequency Academy upon returning from the NLP Conference and was also subsequently appointed as the ANLP International Ambassador for South Africa.

Thabiso specialises in Leadership, Public Speaking, Mental Health and Peak Performance in Coaching and facilitates training both virtually and In-Person in South Africa, Qatar and Botswana.

Thabiso is passionate about unleashing the greatness in others that enables them to connect with the higher version of themselves.

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