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Energetic NLP for Highly Sensitive People and Neurodiversity

Olive Hickmott & Sian Goodspeed

2022 Conference

Around 15-20% of the population is known to be highly sensitive. How would you know whether you are? Some of the characteristics include:

-Feeling drained around others

-Anxious in a crowd

-Sense of not being told the truth

-Knowing what is going on in a situation

-Acting like other people, perhaps to fit in, and picking up their energy

-Not feeling like yourself

-Heightened senses and/or emotions

-Overwhelmed by deadlines

-Conflict leads to sensory overload and prolonged sensory overload leads to being deeply fatigued

There is a huge overlap with neurodiversity, a field Olive Hickmott, creator of Empowering Learning, has been working in for 22 years. Energetic NLP has proved invaluable for thousands of adults, especially those who know they are sensitive and find themselves in caring professions or healers. The research on highly sensitive people is extensive for both adults and children.

We, along with parents, have always known that many neurodivergent students are highly sensitive. Using Energetic NLP won’t reduce their sensitivities, which are their strengths and part of who they are, but enable them to be the best sensitive people they can, fully enjoying their exceptional strengths.

Sian has educated parents about highly sensitive people and has implemented Empowering Learning processes with her family and students, including our new tools to empower highly sensitive children.

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