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Finding meaning and purpose in the wake of loss

Laura Toop

2021 Conference

Today, empirical research supports what I discovered through the pain of a deeply personal journey of loss and healing. Like many thousands of others who have found a renewed purpose in life through loss it is not only possible to heal from grief it can be a renewing. This session will provide you with tools, that WILL BE THERE when you need them most. Everyone experiences loss, whether we profoundly grieve or bury our grief, varies from individual to individual. It is imperative we have more people working to support individuals to openly and honestly express their loss safely and with support. As people passionate about growth and NLP we commit to improving the mental health and wellbeing of every person, young and old, that resides in this world. Our cultures do little to prepare us for life’s greatest challenge - how to understand and be present with the process of healing from loss. Silence simply reinforces the shame, the guilt and the regret it’s time to change that model.  

You will learn...

a simple process to orient the overwhelming loss for working either with clients or on one’s own loss.

how building a bridge through grief can bring about hope, the first foundation block on which to build.

how to maintain momentum and why it is key. 

the importance of community.

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