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Generative NLP and Somatic Movement

Nathalie Lebas

2022 Conference

Everything is movement: the movement of our bodies, the movement of our lives, the movement within us and that of the earth around us. There are many ways to move and each being is unique in their own body and in their own expression of themselves. Each being has its own energy, because it is unique.

In this highly cognitive and constantly changing world, everyone feels the need to get back to basics, to take the time to come back to themselves. The somatic practice of body movements allows you to connect to all parts of your body and your emotions to bring awareness to everything you feel, to calm the nervous system and to move forward in a more confident way towards your authentic being.

The transformation process begins with the fact of centring and reconnecting with oneself, with one’s body, by bringing all the curiosity necessary through movement and mindfulness. Developing a deep sense of connection with your body is a fundamental basis of all our relationships in the world, and it starts with ourselves. An exploration of your body through movement and music brings new possibilities of being present to yourself and to others. I will guide you on a journey to enter the realm of the somatic universe and (re)discover your body without its wholeness, in its ability to move, to open new expressions of yourself in order to move forward in the world.

It is a journey, at your own pace, of self-discovery. What you will get from this session is a better understanding of how to use the somatic mind in your lives, in our NLP coaching sessions or training and to gain in efficiency with your clients. But above all, with yourself!

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