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Internal Family Systems and NLP: An Integrative Approach

Calandra Balfour & Fi Feehan

2023 Conference

Within this workshop you explore the meta position of Self Energy, and the relationship between Self and parts. Within IFS the concept of multiplicity is a presupposition on holding space for clients- the acceptance we have many parts, and these parts have roles in protecting us from experiencing pain and discomfort. You become familiar with the discrete role of parts and how the internal relationship between parts is similar to the interactions within an external family-hence Internal Family Systems.     

You learn how parts, as understood in the NLP world, can be integrated within IFS Theory, and how you can connect with, and create relationships, with protector parts within your client.     

You consider how you as a practitioner can hold space in Self Energy and how this influences compassionate therapeutic practice, as opposed to functional therapeutic practice.

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