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Masterclass: Rethinking transformation - Accessing Deeper Levels of Change

Connirae Andreas

2021 Conference

Two decades ago, a devastating health crisis led Connirae to search for keys to transformation that went beyond what she already knew. Fascinated by spiritual teachings (did they know something we could learn from?), the search kept leading to a singular ‘core teaching’: that our life ‘problems’ – our stress, emotional issues, troubles in relationships, even perhaps some physical issues – are caused by what could be called ‘the ego’. And letting go of this ego or ‘small self’ is what can lead to a simple and direct experience of ‘awakening’ or living with ease.

Investigating this core teaching led to Connirae modelling a new form of inner work, The Wholeness Work, which has helped many people in a simple shedding of many problems. It’s also changed how Connirae understands all NLP and transformation methods.

In this day together, you’ll get an experiential training in the first phases of The Wholeness Work.

Benefits of this practice can include:

deep relaxation of the nervous system

transformation of many emotional and behavioural issues

greater access to creativity, humour and problem solving

increased wellbeing

resolution of sleep issues

There will be an opportunity to learn several models for understanding deep transformation and stages of evolution.

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