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Our Beliefs Were Born Before Us

Leo Lobo

2021 Conference

The basic concept behind the presentation relates to human beliefs and the manner that it forms within us. During our experiments with the Belief Change process, I came to the conclusion that our beliefs are actually older than us and could have formed as early as the time we were in our mother’s womb. What was initially an accidental discovery, became a process for our group of NLP Practitioners at Exordia, the organisation I founded to deliver life-changing experiences to my clients using the power of NLP. Today we have enhanced the belief change process to include a womb experience. You will benefit from our discovering that beliefs may extend beyond our actual births. So, a discerning practitioner may be able to guide the client deeper into an experience that would have otherwise remained untapped during a Belief Change process. The belief of being unwanted surfaces quite early in a person's formative years and we have found that many of our womb experience cases, this was true. Working on such a deep rooted belief gets the practitioner to get the client out of a belief pattern that would have otherwise gone un-noticed.  This also benefits practitioners to guide youngsters and expectant mothers to create a conducive atmosphere for children who are preparing to come into this world.


You will learn...

the theory behind beliefs forming in the womb.

the steps involved in this extended belief change process.

how to support others in this understanding.

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