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So you'd like to become #drama free

Marian Way

2021 Conference

Unnecessary drama affects all of us individually, in families, at work and right across our communities. It is fuelled by the media, through outdated narratives and through misunderstandings. It continues because we lack a simple set of tools for interrupting the patterns and getting our thinking and relationships back on track. Unpack your own dramas and recognise what role(s) you tend to take when you're in drama. Come along and learn to practice these skills on live issues and get a real sense of how to take these tools into your home or workplace and dramatically change the conversations that happen around you.


You will learn...

your own response to conflict and drama and the impact it has on your relationships.

about the costs and benefits of drama.

the six core tools for creating #DramaFree conversations.

how to use Clean Language questions to uncover the hidden architecture of your drama states and of your desired outcomes.

how to use a 'Clean Set Up' to clarify what you want when you're with others – so reducing the possibility of drama occurring.

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