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The Art of Creating Transformation Experientially

Nishith Shah

2024 Conference

Creating transformation is like driving a car – you can read about it, watch videos about it and go through presentations about it but none of them will help you drive the car unless you go and sit in the car and experience driving for yourself.

Once you sit in the car, you create an experiential feedback loop with yourself to continuously improve and make it an embodied experience.  And when that happens, you never forget it.  Even if you don’t drive for 10 years, it will be wired into your system.  That’s the same rule that applies for transformation as well.  You can’t create transformation through presentations and videos …the real transformation happens through embodied experience.

I have spent the last 17 years of my life working with NLP and 8 of them have been creating embodied experiential NLP Retreats.  And through these retreats, I have noticed the first-hand impact of sustainable transformation vs feel-good factor.  And the difference has been in creating an experience of what you want to teach vs telling them about it.

So, in this session, we will explore how you can create a powerful and embodied learning experience in your training and coaching sessions.  Experiences that are deep and sustainable.

Learning Outcomes

  • To create transformation experientially – that is long-term and sustainable.

  • To be an example of what you are teaching or coaching so that your clients can unconsciously model that out from you.

  • ​To develop flexibility & adaptability in your approach to create a lasting impact.

  • To learn & work in real-time by calibrating what happens with your clients.

  • To rely upon & trust yourself & your internal resources to create a powerful experience for your clients.

  • ​Learning to use your environment as a support for creating profound change and transformation

  • Developing the art of identification and utilization to overcome any and every obstacle, resistance or challenge you might face in creating deep transformation in your clients.

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