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The Disney Model with a Twist

Thabiso Mailula

2024 Conference

Did you ever experience a brainstorm session that got stuck in a discussion? Clashes between creative and critical people happen all the time, sometimes these clashes happen within us.  Fortunately there is an easy way to prevent this. Funnily enough, the solution comes from the Walt Disney Studios.

Walt Disney is known as one of the most outstanding and most successful business leaders of the 20th century.  Like Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, he not only influenced our way of processing information, he also changed the way we perceive reality. The secret of his nearly unlimited creativity, which was unconscious to him, has been moulded into a model that can be applied to any personal and organizational planning operation.

The Circle of Creativity was developed by Robert Dilts, based on the successful strategies of Walt Disney.  The approach was developed through individual interviews with friends and colleagues of Disney.

Thabiso Mailula will be presenting a process derived from the Disney Model, which he calls the Disney Model with a Twist, as this process has been modified for the business context.

Disney Model with a Twist is a model for effective and creative development of personal and professional plans.  It helps you to transfer an idea into the input for a plan with structure connected to your values.

Learning Outcomes

  • You will add another tool to your toolbox that assists in the exploration of key items, steps, people and concepts related to solving a problem.

  • You will not only learn how to think out of the box, you will learn how to think AROUND THE BOX and most importantly you will learn how to think in another box and also do the same with your loved ones, clients or business executives.

  • ​You will learn an alternative way to evaluating your dreams or ideas.

  • You will discover ways to structure information provided by the unconscious mind in a logical way.

  • ​You will learn how to bridge the gap between imagination and reality.

  • You will learn a way to brainstorm anything you want to get clarity and a strategy on how to achieve it.

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