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The Journey of Self Discovery

Nathalie Lebas

2023 Conference

In this highly cognitive and constantly changing world, everyone may feel the need to get back to basics, to take the time to come back to themselves. This somatic practice (body movements) enables you to connect to all parts of your body, to your emotions, to bring awareness to everything you feel, to calm the nervous system down and to move forward in a more confident way towards your authentic being, your identity and your desired state.     

In this masterclass, you will learn that the transformation process begins with centering, and reconnecting with yourself, with your body, by bringing all the curiosity necessary through movement and mindfulness.     Because, everything is movement.     The movement of our bodies, the movement of our lives, the movement within us and that of the earth, around us. There are many ways to move and each human being is unique. You are unique in your own body and in your own expression of yourself.   Each human being has its own energy, and with Generative NLP and somatic mind we can live a journey of self-discovery to be the change we want to see in your world, professionally and personally.     

Through an exploration of your body through movement, NLP skills and music, you will find new possibilities of being present to yourself and to others;     I will guide you on a journey to enter in the realm of the NLP somatic universe, (re) -discover your body, its wholeness, in its ability to move, to open new expressions of yourself in order to move forward in the world .     

My presentation will include Generative NLP presentation, exploration with some movements, with music, the importance of Somatic Mind, and how it can change your internal and external world.  It is a journey of self-discovery, of our own hero’s journey at your own pace.    SO, are you ready to move and reconnect yourself to your body ????    I am an awakener of people dreams, be careful ! :-)

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