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Tips, Hacks and Support: The Online World Made Easy

Zoe Thompson

2022 Conference

What is the difference that makes the difference when it comes to building a brilliant business and how can you use your knowledge of NLP principles to enhance your business success?

Join me as I share with you my Build it Brilliant Blueprint, a 4-step formula created from 10 years of working with coaches and therapists. A formula that helps you to harness the power of online technology in a creative and effective way.

I’ve seen so many businesses sold fancy technology they can’t really afford (and don’t need). I’ve seen even more invest their money on too many things and not see the return. Courses that sit on shelves, workbooks half created, confusion about the best way to price online creations and market your business.

In this talk I’ll cut through all the overwhelm so you can build a brilliant business by working smarter rather than harder.

What you’ll learn:

- How your filters and unconscious bias help or hinder your success

- How knowledge of NLP can help you to choose your audience and market to them effectively.

- How to choose technology that suits your business and avoid the overwhelm

- How an NLP presupposition can help you to avoid the most common business mistake.

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