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They want what we've got they just dont know it yet

Wyatt Woodsmall & Mark Deacon

2021 Conference

In this session you will discover how NLP has many of the answers to common organisational problems and as NLP professionals we can be more successful at pacing and leading potential client organisations into buying NLP based services - from selling NLP services into business really effectively to matching the clients needs to NLP solutions.  When you talk to many HR and L&D professionals and ask them what are the main issues they are trying to address right now, the list invariably contains the following headlines -wellbeing, change and the VUCA world, employee engagement inc. millennials, leadership not management development. We will present an approach that utilises rapport using the Meta Model to uncover ‘what the real issues are, what’s currently getting in the way of a solution and solutions focus journey to securing consulting or training contracts. Our aim is for you to become the go to resource in people and organisational development utilising your NLP skillset.

You will learn...

the top 4 common needs businesses have but may not know the root cause of, and be able to match appropriate NLP solutions to.

to present yourself as the visible expert.

how to speak and present yourself to match the organisations values, culture and norms.

the use of simple modelling in preparing your pitch.

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