50+ Presenters - 6 Streams

We will be presenting 6 streams at the 2017 Conference:

  • Stream 1: Health on day one; and Therapy on day two
  • Stream 2: Personal Empowerment
  • Stream 3: Advanced NLP
  • Stream 4: NLP Extensions
  • Stream 5: Empowering NLP Professionals
  • Stream 6: Conversation Starters. These will be 90 minutes and will cover topics as diverse as NLP Research and NLP in a VUCA society.


As we continue to select and confirm presenters, their details will be announced here and on social media.  

Park Inn by Radisson, Heathrow

The Park Inn by Radisson at London Heathrow is a purpose-built conference venue.  The NLP Conference has been given the Orbiter Conference building in it’s entirety so that we are completely self-contained.  This includes our own reception and exhibition area, our own dining room and our own exclusive meeting rooms where we can host up to 500 people in a single space.

This is the Discount Code for delegates at the conference:

You must CALL 020 8759 9991 OR EMAIL reservations.heathrow@rezidorparkinn.com ONLY and quote discount code NLPP2804.

The discount code will NOT work for online bookings

Please note that using the NLP Conference discount code and staying at Park Inn entitles you to free OVERNIGHT parking for each night of your stay.  Conference tickets entitle you to free parking during the day (until 6.30pm on each 2017 NLP Conference day), NOT overnight.  If you leave you vehicle overnight and have not paid for a room at the hotel using the discount code, you will be charged for overnight parking.

The Park Inn have also given the NLP International Conference Delegates the following additional facilities to make sure they can travel easily and stay connected:

  • Access to all streams over all 3 days
  • FREE Parking (worth £105 over 3 days)
  • FREE 3-course buffet lunch in our own exclusive dining room (worth £75 over 3 days)
  • FREE Wi-Fi in the Orbiter Conference Building for the duration of the event
  • FREE bus travel from Heathrow Airport to the Park Inn by Radisson
  • Exhibition Stands and the ever popular Crown House Book stall
About the NLP International Conference 2017

The NLP International Conference has been going, in various forms and at various venues for over 20 years.  Over that time, the Conference has welcomed over 20,000 delegates in 15 locations and had hundreds of speakers.

This year, the Association for NLP (ANLP) has taken over from Anglo American Books as the organisers of the event.  Anglo American have done a fantastic job over the past few years, in difficult economic times and have now handed over the reins to ANLP.  Our task is to build on the solid platform we have been given and to generate awareness and interest in the NLP Community and to motivate everyone within that community to help shape how NLP evolves over the next 20 years.

In April 2016, the Conference was in danger of being the last one ever held.  Michael Hall, Co-Leader of the NLP Leadership Summit said at that point “…there was a consensus that this Conference is one of the few English-speaking Conferences left and too important to stop.  It is one of the few places that offers a gathering place for NLP…Encourage everyone you influence to attend next year.”

The Conference is not just a place to come and listen.  It is a place where people can exchange ideas, discuss areas of collaboration and make new business and personal connections.  Many long-standing friendships have been born during the Conference and it is our intention to encourage these feelings of camaraderie and bonhomie whilst giving delegates what they want to see and hear…how NLP is making a difference.

Our tagline for this year is just that… “NLP is making a difference…and the difference is you.”  This is all-inclusive.  Whether you are a just-qualified Practitioner in NLP or have been a Master Trainer for 30+ years, all of us have a right to say that we are part of a community that is building a better world.

Can we be even more effective though?  The Conference is an opportunity to find out if there are other techniques we can use in different situations.  Some techniques we will have heard of and others will be new to us.  Some situations will be personal whilst other will be from a business perspective.  All will be valid in the context in which they are given and all can add to our existing toolkit and enhance how we interact with the world.  So we can all add value to the conference and we can all gain too!

Event tickets

2 Day Ticket
  • 2 Days of full access to the conference
  • Free Parking Lunch and Wi-Fi
  • Connect with 100's of NLP Professionals and great speakers
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3 Day Ticket
  • 3 Days of full access to the conference
  • Free Parking Lunch and Wi-Fi
  • Connect with 100's of NLP Professionals and great speakers
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1 Day Ticket
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  • Free Parking Lunch and Wi-Fi
  • Connect with 100's of NLP Professionals and great speakers
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IMPORTANT PARKING NOTICE:  A Delegate Conference ticket entitles you to free parking for one vehicle during the day (until 6.30pm on each 2017 NLP Conference day), NOT overnight.  Please note that using the NLP Conference discount code (for delegates staying at the Park Inn Heathrow) entitles you to free OVERNIGHT parking for each night that you have paid to stay at the hotel.    If you leave your vehicle overnight and have not paid for a room at the hotel using the discount code, you will be charged for overnight parking.  The discount code to use if you would like to stay at the hotel and take advantage of the special rates is available by clicking here.

For Terms and Conditions, please go to http://www.anlp.org/anlp-e-commerce-terms-and-conditions

Exhibition Stands – All have been taken!

Watch this space for the link to the Exhibitors Page and find out who has a stand at the 2017 Conference!

Conference Schedule

Friday 28th April 2017 – Masterclass – 10:00AM – 18:00PM

Our Masterclass presenter for this year is David Shephard of the Performance Partnership and we are pleased (and a little excited!) to welcome him.

His topic will be: ‘The Wizard’s Secret’ – Less Logic, More Magic – Ancient Hawaiian Huna.

David will deliver a very special session in which you can experience and learn the core concepts and beliefs that embody the Huna system and techniques for transformation and empowerment that can put more magic into your life.

Click here for more information

Scroll down for the Saturday and Sunday Programmes – Click on a presentation on the image for more information relating to that presentation.

Alternatively, click on the View Full Schedule button below.

Real Healthy Families Expert Panel: NLP and NLPt Landscapes of the Heart: Nuggets of Wisdom About Relationships and Sex Finding and Committing to Your Purpose In Life Motivation Gets You Started – Habits Keep You Going Mastering Wealth, Health and Happiness Peak Mental State Workout - Develop an Invincible Mind-set The Confident Voice Influencing and Presenting from the Stage So You Think You Know Meta Model? An Introduction to Conversational Intelligence Promise to Self - Coaching Daily Practices with NLP and TA Hypnosis skills for NLP Masters / Practitioners Provocative Coaching Creating Change in the Blink of an Eye Corporate Change Work with NLP Blast Past Writer's Block and Become a Writing Machine! DIY PR to Get You Seen and Heard Coaching for Transformation - Powerful Techniques for Getting Out of your Client’s Way Conversation Starter - Research Conversation Starter - NLP in the Health Sector Conversation Starter - NLP for an Ecological Society Conversation Starter - NLP meets Neuroscience: A Collaboration which is More than the Sum of its Parts

Auternative – Coaching People on the Autistic Spectrum Utilising NLP and Clean Language to Improve Patient Outcomes Changing the Most Powerful Metaprogram of all: (Safe or Dangerous) Befriending Stress The Heart of NLP Oneness NLP - The Next Generation of NLP Step Into Your Power Modelling and Mindfulness with NLP: Effective Coaching Working with Stress and Reactive Patterns Sleights of Mouth and Beyond Overview of the Meta-Coaching System Relationships and the Enneagram (and How To Get Unstuck) The Scientific Magic of Language and Health Beach Wisdom – NLP in the Littoral Zone Oops upside your head…an introduction to mBraining for NLPers Time Wasters - The Magnificent Seven NLP and the Excellent Entrepreneur The 7 less-obvious tips when NLP coaching Conversation Starter - VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) Raising the Standards


  • Park Inn by Radisson London Heathrow, Bath Road, Heathrow UB7 0DU
  • 28th - 30th April 2017


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