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Exclusive for our 2017 NLP International Conference Delegates

50+ Presenters - 6 Streams

We will be presenting 6 streams at the 2017 Conference:

  • Stream 1: Health on day one; and Therapy on day two
  • Stream 2: Personal Empowerment
  • Stream 3: Advanced NLP
  • Stream 4: NLP Extensions
  • Stream 5: Empowering NLP Professionals
  • Stream 6: Conversation Starters. These will be 90 minutes and will cover topics as diverse as NLP Research and NLP in a VUCA society.


As we continue to select and confirm presenters, their details will be announced here and on social media.  

Park Inn by Radisson, Heathrow

The Park Inn by Radisson at London Heathrow is a purpose-built conference venue.  The NLP Conference has been given the Orbiter Conference building in it’s entirety so that we are completely self-contained.  This includes our own reception and exhibition area, our own dining room and our own exclusive meeting rooms where we can host up to 500 people in a single space.

This is the Discount Code for delegates at the conference:

You must CALL 020 8759 991 OR EMAIL ONLY and quote discount code NLPP2804.

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The Park Inn have also given the NLP International Conference Delegates the following additional facilities to make sure they can travel easily and stay connected:

  • Access to all streams over all 3 days
  • FREE Parking (worth £105 over 3 days)
  • FREE 3-course buffet lunch in our own exclusive dining room (worth £75 over 3 days)
  • FREE Wi-Fi in the Orbiter Conference Building for the duration of the event
  • FREE bus travel from Heathrow Airport to the Park Inn by Radisson
  • Exhibition Stands and the ever popular Crown House Book stall
Photo 24-08-2016, 09 59 56
Photo 24-08-2016, 09 59 56
About the NLP International Conference 2017

The NLP International Conference has been going, in various forms and at various venues for over 20 years.  Over that time, the Conference has welcomed over 20,000 delegates in 15 locations and had hundreds of speakers.

This year, the Association for NLP (ANLP) has taken over from Anglo American Books as the organisers of the event.  Anglo American have done a fantastic job over the past few years, in difficult economic times and have now handed over the reins to ANLP.  Our task is to build on the solid platform we have been given and to generate awareness and interest in the NLP Community and to motivate everyone within that community to help shape how NLP evolves over the next 20 years.

In April 2016, the Conference was in danger of being the last one ever held.  Michael Hall, Co-Leader of the NLP Leadership Summit said at that point “…there was a consensus that this Conference is one of the few English-speaking Conferences left and too important to stop.  It is one of the few places that offers a gathering place for NLP…Encourage everyone you influence to attend next year.”

The Conference is not just a place to come and listen.  It is a place where people can exchange ideas, discuss areas of collaboration and make new business and personal connections.  Many long-standing friendships have been born during the Conference and it is our intention to encourage these feelings of camaraderie and bonhomie whilst giving delegates what they want to see and hear…how NLP is making a difference.

Our tagline for this year is just that… “NLP is making a difference…and the difference is you.”  This is all-inclusive.  Whether you are a just-qualified Practitioner in NLP or have been a Master Trainer for 30+ years, all of us have a right to say that we are part of a community that is building a better world.

Can we be even more effective though?  The Conference is an opportunity to find out if there are other techniques we can use in different situations.  Some techniques we will have heard of and others will be new to us.  Some situations will be personal whilst other will be from a business perspective.  All will be valid in the context in which they are given and all can add to our existing toolkit and enhance how we interact with the world.  So we can all add value to the conference and we can all gain too!

NLP International Conference

The next 9 Conference Presenters have been unveiled…

See below for their bios and book your tickets to be informed and challenged by our incredible line-up!

Rebooted, Rebranded and Reenergised


So who can you expect to hear from?


******** Conference Stream - MASTERCLASS ******** Friday 28th April

Julie Silverthorn, USA Master Trainer is arguably one of the most elegant models of Ericksonian language patterns in the field of NLP today.


*Conference Stream - Empowering NLP Professionals* Saturday 29th April

David Shephard is an NLP Entrepreneur. He became a Master Trainer of NLP in 1996. He is a much sought after trainer, speaker, consultant and coach and works with both individuals and some of the biggest corporations in the world.


***Conference Stream - Personal Empowerment*** Sunday 30th April

Jeremiah Rangel is founder of IntraAwareness and a Certified NLP and Hypnosis Trainer. He is a transformative educator and spiritual guide who shares his passion and enthusiasm for improving the lives of others.

Nicolas Gerey

******* Conference Stream - NLP Extensions ******* Saturday 29th April

Nicolas Gerey is an Author, International Speaker, Accredited Goulding SleepTalk Consultant, Clinical Hypnotherapist (MAACHP), Certified Dance and Movement Therapist and Body Language Expert. He is also a mime artist and teacher of the Austral TV And Film Academy.


********** Conference Stream - Therapy ********** Saturday 29th April

Juliet Grayson is the author of the groundbreaking book “Landscapes of the Heart: The working world of a sex and relationship therapist.” (2016). Having begun her NLP journey in 1991, she’s been a UKCP registered psychosexual therapist since 1994.

Eleni Sarantinou

******* Conference Stream - Advanced NLP ******* Sunday 30th April

Eleni Sarantinou worked in Marketing and Information Technology for 20 years before moving into personal development. Eleni is also a Life Coach, Time Line Therapist, Hypnosis Trainer and Family Constellation Facilitator. She travels the world training individuals and consulting companies.

Lynne Cooper

*Conference Stream - Empowering NLP Professionals* Sunday 30th April

Lynne Cooper has used NLP in her coaching, team coaching, training and facilitation work with organisations for nearly 20 years. She trains and supervises coaches. Lynne is the author of Business NLP for Dummies and co-author of the Five-Minute Coach: improve performance rapidly.


*Conference Stream - Empowering NLP Professionals* Sunday 30th April

Wendy Sullivan is an experienced coach and an accredited psychotherapist. She runs Clean Change Company is co-author of Clean Language. With Lynne Cooper, she offers The Professional Clean Coach, a course awarded ‘Accredited Certificate in Coach Training’ by The Association for Coaching.


***Conference Stream - Personal Empowerment*** Saturday 29th April

Jimmy Petruzzi is a world-renowned Performance Coach, CBT and Hypnotherapy Expert. He has works with top professional soccer teams and individuals at national and international level in the English premiership and worldwide. He also works with top professional sports people and is a consultant to sports organisations, businesses and associations, helping them to achieve peak performance.

Robert Smith

***Conference Stream - Personal Empowerment*** Saturday 29th April

Robert Smith is the Master of making the complex simple, easy to understand and fun. He is simply the best at what he does. Whether Robert is Training The Trainers, Training Master Coaches or Training Leaders his depth of knowledge, experience and humanity shines through.

Shelle Rose Charvet

******* Conference Stream - Advanced NLP ******* Saturday 29th April

Shelle Rose Charvet is a short business consultant, specializing in LAB Profile® applications to business and personal problems, customer experience and airplane jokes. And she just became a Bubbie (Yiddish for Grandma) for the second time.

Phil Parker

******* Conference Stream - NLP Extensions ******* Sunday 30th April

Phil has been working in NLP since the ’80s. He is also an osteopath and has developed the globally acclaimed mind body connection programme, the Lightning Process for health. Phil runs NLP courses at the PPTI and is the author of 4 books on NLP and Health.

Frank Pucelik

*Conference Stream - Empowering NLP Professionals* Sunday 30th April

Frank Pucelik – business-trainer of international renown, is on the list of Top-100 US business-trainers (according to Organizational Development Institute of USA) and is one of the three founders of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the author of a number of books on psychology and articles on personnel management, motivation, work with information.

Dr. Henrie Lidiard

******* Conference Stream - NLP Extensions ******* Sunday 30th April

Dr Henrie Lidiard is an NLP Master Trainer and is also an Enneagram Institute Accredited Trainer. Her approach is grounded in her long-term study of self-awareness, and the practical application of mindfulness and NLP. She also works with the body using tools that increase resilience, relaxation and effectiveness. Her passion is helping people to connect to their deeper nature and to the wisdom of the present moment.

Terry Elston

**** Conference Stream - Personal Empowerment***** Saturday 29th April

Terry is a passionate individual and inspires others towards living their lives passionately. His focus is on inspiring people towards managing their state towards their own inner excellence, and towards evoking their genius within. He continues a journey and a mission to “take your training personally”

Robbie Steinhouse

********Conference Stream - NLP Extensions******** Saturday 29th April

Robbie Steinhouse is a highly-skilled NLP Master Trainer and coach. A dynamic motivator, Robbie combines real-world commercial acumen with a humorous style and tools from NLP, transactional analysis and coaching. Robbie works with companies ranging from large corporations to small entrepreneurial businesses and his passion for the human dimension of business led him to give up his executive role and focus entirely on coaching and training in 2002.

Karen Meager and John McLachlan

******* Conference Stream - Therapy ******* Saturday 29th April

John McLachlan and Karen Meager are the founders of Monkey Puzzle Training, one of the leading providers of NLP training in the UK. They are authors of the highly acclaimed book Real Leaders for the Real World and combine their therapeutic studies with their passion for applying psychology in the Real World.

John Cassidy-Rice

**** Conference Stream - Conversation Starters***** Sunday 30th April

John is a skilled NLP Trainer and offers a wealth of experience using NLP in practical situations. He works with some of the world’s largest companies, individuals and sports people and was part of the team that won the 2014 CIPD People Management Award for Innovation in Training. John is passionate about raising the profile of NLP and the standards in delivering NLP Trainings.

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Conference Schedule

Julie Silverthorn will be presenting her Masterclass, “Training Trances: The Power of Trances in Training…You!”, from 10am on Friday 28th April 2017.

The list of presentations we have confirmed to-date are listed on the Conference Schedule page.  Click here for more information.

Look out for news of our Charity NLP Awards Dinner, a black-tie event, which will be taking place on Saturday evening.


  • Park Inn by Radisson London Heathrow, Bath Road, Heathrow UB7 0DU
  • 28th - 30th April 2017


NLP International Conference
ANLP International CIC