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Janey Lee Grace

Grow Your Heart Centred Business

Sunday 11th February - 14:00 (GMT)

Top Tip before attending Janey's session - Ask yourself 'What do I do?'

Presentation details...

If you’re working as an NLP practitioner it’s likely you’d consider yourself a ‘heart centred’ business. 


How can you step into the spotlight? Attract and maximise PR opportunities while remaining authentic and true to your values? 


You will get an insight into how PR works, how to sell authentically and how to own your ‘USP’ or as I call it Your YOUnique brilliance...

Learning outcomes...
  • You will gain insights into how PR works, what journalists want and how to create a press release to promote your work.  

  • You will gain clarity on your own USP and the best angles to promote your work.

About Janey...

Janey was a presenter for 24 years on BBC Radio 2, she is a bestselling author of several books on holistic living and has given 2 x TEDx talks. 


Janey is a 1-1 coach and workshop leader trained in NLP, EFT Matrix and Family Constellations and runs The Sober Club a non-judgemental platform for the sober and sober curious. 


Janey also trains sober coaches and offers media relations: PR for heart centred businesses.

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