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Wendy Sullivan & Dr Paul Field

Exceptional Integrated Coaching with Psychoactivity

Saturday 10th February - 09:00 (GMT)

Top tip before attending Wendy & Paul's session... They say "Become aware of some of the clean language approaches, either by reading 'Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds'; or check out previous recordings of our conference sessions here"

Dr Paul Field is co-creator of the Clean Change Community, guiding coaches on their journey to learn deep, integrated skills in coaching, embodiment, metaphor and parts-work. He also specialises in using embodiment, bodywork and trauma-informed approaches to help women reconnect to their bodies after sexual or emotional trauma, or difficult relationships with men.

Presentation details...

At a fundamental level, different clients respond to different approaches.  Some may respond best to exploring metaphors, while others to movement, space, embodiment, or "parts". 


Exceptional coaches adeptly deploy all these approaches, integrating them as needed.  This increases the possibility of a client having a psychoactive experience, where their inner world becomes more vivid than their surroundings.  And psychoactivity is a key to transformation.   


In this interactive session, you'll be guided to use and integrate metaphor, space, parts, and embodiment.  If you seek to move beyond disjointed techniques to flow with your client's experience, this is the ideal opportunity for you.    

Learning outcomes...

In this session, you’ll:  


• Have a practical experience of using metaphor, space, parts and the body  

• Learn our innovative "5S" model that helps you assess which approaches might work well for which clients

• Craft more powerful interventions by combining the approaches in a fluid, integrated way  

• Have the flexibility to change approach when what you're doing isn't working  

• Create conditions for a "psychoactive" experience and understand why that can create great transformation for a client

About Wendy & Paul...

Wendy Sullivan is an experienced coach, NLP Trainer, and accredited psychotherapist.  She and Paul Field run Clean Change Community, delivering extensive Clean training, and an Association for Coaching-certificated coach training.  She is co-author of "Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds" and a chapter author of "Clean Language Interviewing".

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