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Dr Michael Hall, Ph.D

Thinking for Humans

Tuesday 19th March - 18:00 (GMT)

Presentation details...

"Thinking for Humans" is based on the fact that not all thinking is the same.  Yet how you think determines just about everything in your life - your sanity, emotional well-being, ability to be healthy and productive, to love and relate, to solve problems, understand others, be creative, etc. 


As a Communication Model, NLP includes a detailed look at how we are thinking...the VAK.  Yet there is more, much more! 


Learn a thinking model that depends on the NLP foundations and enables you to think clearly, precisely, creatively, and productively.

Learning outcomes...
  • To appreciate a much fuller understanding of "thinking."  

  • To think for precision and accuracy and then for creativity and productivity.  

  • To see the connection between the quality of your thinking and the quality of your learning, decision-making, discernment (wisdom) and the quality of your life.  

  • To learn how to use the thinking model and its use in coaching, therapy, and consulting.

About Michael...

Dr Hall began as a Minister, became a Licensed Counsellor, then a Psychologist, an NLP Trainer, a Modeler, and then the co-founder of Neuro-Semantics and Meta-Coaching. 


As a creative and inspirational leader, Michael has conducted over 35 modelling projects that resulted in 70 books and that many training manuals. 


He was the first NLP thinker to introduce the Meta-Model to the field of Critical Thinking. 


His latest development are the Brain Camps for enabling clear, creative, and precise thinking.

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