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Sarah Fletcher

Using NLP to Transform Your Business from the Inside Out

Saturday 10th February - 14:00 (GMT)

Top Tip before attending Sarah's session - In the context of your business, think about 1. What goes well? 2. What trips you up? Then you will be primed and ready for the session!

Presentation details...

Running a business can feel exhausting and exhilarating. 


The roller coaster of emotions that you experience (and how you navigate them) will contribute to your personal fulfilment and growth of your business and influence the level of impact that you have. 


In this session you will learn how to use NLP to optimise your mindset and energy for success and harness your creativity and problem solving skills to run a business infused with fun, excitement, joy and ease.

Learning outcomes...

You will learn  


  • How to dial up the states of being that are required for optimum mindset and energy   

  • How to stay in your why when the going gets tough   

  • How to be in presence and inner trust for creativity and problem solving

About Sarah...

Sarah certified as an NLP trainer in 2018 and prior to that had been integrating NLP personally and professionally for 15 years.  As an educator for 18 years NLP was an integral part of who she was a teacher and leader.  She is now blessed to train and share it with so many more people across a wide variety of professions.

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