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Dr Beth Dawson

I Hate My Teen: Managing Taboo Feelings with NLP Coaching Techniques

Saturday 10th February - 11:00 (GMT)

Top Tip before attending Beth's session - If you are planning to come to this session, do a couple of minutes journaling for 3-4 days prior, especially around what emotions are coming up for you

Presentation details...

This presentation explores the challenges faced by parents or caregivers when dealing with negative emotions towards their teenage children. 


These feelings are often a source of shame for parents and/or teachers dealing with older children but as we'll see during this presentation, embracing the shadows can help us step out in to the light!  


This session focuses on using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) coaching techniques to address and manage these taboo feelings effectively.  By understanding and applying NLP principles, parents and teachers can develop healthier relationships with their teens, fostering understanding, empathy, and effective communication.  


Using clear examples, Beth Dawson (who is a parent and teacher of teenagers herself and holds a PhD in education sciences), will help you acknowledge and recognise the complex emotions that arise with teenagers and why these happen.  


You will then be given practical NLP tools and techniques to navigate these challenging emotions and leave the session feeling uplifted and positive and more accepting of your negative emotions.   

Key Points Covered:  

  • Understanding Taboo Feelings 

  • Introduction to NLP Coaching Techniques for taboo feelings 

  • Identifying Limiting Beliefs and Patterns 

  • Reframing and Perspective Shift 

  • Effective Communication Strategies 

  • Emotional Regulation and Self-Care   

The presentation concludes by summarising the key takeaways and emphasising the benefits of applying NLP coaching techniques to manage taboo feelings towards teens.   You will be encouraged to seek further resources, support and professional guidance if you wish to continue your personal growth journey and create harmonious relationships with the teenage children in your life.    

Learning outcomes...
  • Increased awareness and recognition of taboo feelings. You will gain a much deeper understanding of the negative emotions that you may experience towards your teenage children and recognize these feelings as common and valid.    

  • Knowledge of NLP Coaching Techniques: You will understand how these techniques can be applied to manage and transform taboo feelings.    

  • Identification of Limiting Beliefs and Patterns: You will learn how to identify your own limiting beliefs and patterns that contribute to negative emotions towards your teens. You will gain insight into how these beliefs can be challenged and replaced with more empowering ones.    

  • Ability to Reframe and Shift Perspective: Attendees will acquire practical skills to reframe negative experiences and emotions related to their teens. You will learn how to view your teen's behaviour from different perspectives, fostering empathy, understanding, and compassion.    

  • Improved Communication Skills: You will learn NLP-based communication techniques to enhance understanding and connection with your teenage children.    

  • Emotional Regulation and Self-Care Practices: Attendees will understand the importance of emotional regulation and self-care in managing taboo feelings.    

  • Enhanced Parent-Teen Relationships: By applying the knowledge and techniques gained from the presentation, you will be better equipped to develop healthier relationships with your teenage children.

About Beth...

Dr. Beth Dawson is a highly experienced bilingual communication expert, teacher, coach, speaker and NLP practitioner originally from the UK and currently residing in Paris with her French husband and two teenagers. 


With over 20 years of experience in corporate communications and 15 years of teaching in higher education, she is qualified to work with adolescents and adults. 


Beth works internationally with individuals and families, also offering a range of coaching solutions to schools and businesses.  


In 2016, she established her private coaching and consultancy practice, where she enjoys working with individual clients and running group programs, such as her foundation course, “Better Connections with Teens,” during which she explains her own unique method called BRACE© which uses NLP coaching techniques to help parents connect with their teenagers. 


She is passionate about helping parents find ways to connect with their teens during what can sometimes be a challenging time for the whole family.

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