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Jimmy Petruzzi

Managing and Alleviating Subclinical Anxiety with NLP

Sunday 11th February - 11:00 (GMT)

Presentation details...

Subclinical anxiety, in the context of this talk, refers to symptoms of anxiety which do not meet Anxiety Diagnostic criteria. 


People with Subclinical anxiety sit in between a spectrum of non-debilitation to debilitation, potentially affecting many aspects of their quality of life. 


People with subclinical anxiety who do not meet the criteria for a diagnosis for anxiety, may also experience some debilitation which may be beyond proportion to a specific situation and subjective to an appraisal, or general feelings of being uncomfortable without a diagnosis.

Learning outcomes...
  • Understand the underpinnings of what is defined as subclinical anxiety in the context of the seminar.  

  • Demonstrate knowledge and critical thinking in the domains NLP to manage and alleviate sub clinical anxiety.

  •  Detect patterns in behaviour, recognise the subjective nature of individual experience and critically   evaluate their significance in the context of sub clinical anxiety.

  • Demonstrate a systematic knowledge of a range of NLP  paradigms, Noun to verb , Sub-modalities  hypnotic phenomena, disassociation or disconnection , breathing exercise, reframe (Normalise Its ok), act it out control muscle energy, Metaphor Breathing Omit word relax Sub-modalities disconnection or dissociation from negative experience Connect associate to positive experience Experiential exercise.

  • Report on empirically based research, the difference between fear and anxiety, 2 main routes of processing threatening stimuli effects on body, attention bias is associated with anxiety, common stressful situations.​

About Jimmy...

Jimmy is a world-renowned high-performance coach, hypnotherapist and NLP Trainer, an award-winning coach and speaker, bestselling author and radio broadcaster. He is the developer of Cognitive reprocessing and editor for the British Psychological Society North of England Bulletin. He’s studied several different modalities over the past 20 years, ranging from NLP, CBT and Hypnotherapy, including studying The Intensives and Master Classes at The Milton H. Erickson foundation. He was also the British Psychological Society North West of England Chair Elect  from Aug 2021 - Sep 2023 and was twice nominated as a candidate proceeding to ballot,  in 2022/2023 and 2023/2024 for the position of President-Elect for The British Psychological Society.

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