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Clean Change Company

Clean Change Company is one of the world’s premier Clean Language training organisations.


We offer a comprehensive program of training, including a variety of foundation and advanced level courses.

And it’s not just Clean skills. We support your ongoing learning and development as someone who wants to make a positive difference to others.

Our training is part of our vibrant Clean Change Community. We have weekly live training, group practice, and Clean Jam sessions. It’s fun and everyone supports each other with challenges and in creating new opportunities. We’d love to support you to flourish too.

And if your aim is to become an accredited coach, we provide “The Professional Clean Coach”. It’s a comprehensive coach training, certificated by the Association for Coaching, that will speed you on your way to success.

We’ve been training Clean for decades. We worked with David Grove, the originator of Clean. Penny Tompkins and James Lawley were involved in developing our early trainings. They made David’s ideas accessible and are running this year’s NLP Conference Masterclass.

Since then, we’ve innovated new techniques at the frontiers of Clean and coaching. These include parts work with Persona Modelling, The Binds Process, for working with binds and double-binds, and Embodied Clean, for working with the body. They all form part of our integrated and extensive 5S framework for coaching.

We also offer coaching, therapy, and supervision. And we provide consultancy in applications of Clean, such as Clean Language Interviewing. We’ve written one of the major books on Clean, “Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds”.

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