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Dr Conor Hughes

The Power of A Learning Tribe

Saturday 10th February - 09:00

Top tip before attending Conor's session...Conor says "Have a look at your own self paced work - who is talking to whom? And ask the classic NLP Question "How do you know?"

Presentation details...

We are a deeply social species.  And learning remotely in isolation can so often be a lonely experience – that’s part of the reason that so many of us prefer in-the-room trainings.   


When you send your students a bunch of NLP resources for them to work through remotely, how do you make sure they already feel they are genuinely part of a supportive ‘tribe’ that is inspiring and world-changing? 


How do you nurture a remote Learning Tribe long before the group ever meets in person?   


We present simple insightful models and proven approaches that are the difference that makes the difference whether you have five students or five hundred.

Learning outcomes...
  • Understand the profound impact on students’ remote learning when they feel a strong sense of affinity and belonging on a human level  

  • Understand the strengths and limitations of the 'broadcast' approach across all variants: in-the-room, live online, remote self-paced  

  • Understand the impact of instant feedback in remote work and options for creating it 

  • Get initial experience in reshaping remote exercises and experiments to foster rich human connections as well as providing excellent NLP learnings  

  • Feel inspired to think of your self-paced resources as just as exciting and engaging as your in-the-room training. Get those Cinderella resources into a fabulous gown and get the party started!

About Conor...

1 cup of Artificial Intelligence  

1 cup of NLP trainer experience  

1 cup of international coaching  

3 cups of corporate and business experience  

1 cup of passion for global NLP reach  

2 tablespoons of demystifying IT to uplift NLP trainings   

1 cup of respect for the changing NLP audience  

Season well with creativity, insight and the unexpected  

Chill for over 18 years (Serves as many as possible)

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