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Joanna Harper

NLP Meets Yoga Nidra

Sunday 11th February - 14:00 (GMT)

Top Tip before attending Joanna's session - Grab a fluffy blanket, a cosy nook so you can deeply relax, whilst feeling safe and comfy

Presentation details...

Increase your stress resiliency and mind-body awareness by discovering the personal and professional benefits of Yoga Nidra practice. 


You can enjoy the experience of a calming, restful, recharging Yoga Nidra session blended with NLP concepts and skills.  As this is a body-focused mindfulness practice, you can participate without a mat or holding a yoga posture. 


Yoga Nidra means Yogic Sleep; the practice induces a state of consciousness somewhere between waking and sleeping - modern psychology has termed this a hypnogogic state. 


In this session, you can discover how to bridge the gap between NLP and Yoga Nidra.

Learning outcomes...
  • Experience an introduction to Yoga Nidra session  

  • Learn the fundamental principles of Yoga Nidra  

  • Discover how to integrate Yoga Nidra concepts with NLP  

  • Find out how Yoga Nidra can increase stress resilience

About Joanna...

Joanna Harper is an experienced integrative coach, author, Breath-Body-Mind™ and yoga teacher, Qigong instructor and accredited NLP trainer.  She specialises in coaching clients whose past prevents their progress. 


Joanna brings a blend of creativity, compassion, experience, understanding, depth and practical applications to her training courses and presentations.

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