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Fiona Campbell

Harnessing the Power of NLP for Building Emotional Intelligence

Sunday 12th May - 09:00 (BST)

Top tip before attending Fiona's session... Fiona says "Come with an open mind, ready to have fun, enjoy and be curious"

Presentation details...

Use your NLP skills for enhancing the development of higher emotional intelligence for yourself and your business and coaching clients. 


Understanding the intricate connection between language, thoughts and emotions and give you valuable insights into your own and others' emotional states. 


NLP techniques provide effective tools for self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, and social interaction.  Learn to manage your emotional responses and communicate more effectively.  Honing your linguistic and non-verbal communication skills, help you build rapport, establish trust, and understand the underlying emotions of others. 


NLP empowers you to improve your emotional intelligence and that of your clients leading to improved relationships, enhanced decision-making, and a greater sense of personal and professional fulfilment.

Learning outcomes...
  • Learn how to use NLP skills for improving Emotional Intelligence    

  • Learn the qualities of the 5 competencies of Emotional Intelligence    

  • Gain insights on how you and your clients get motivated during challenging times

About Fiona...

Fiona has been specialising in working with NLP specifically for business and coaching for over 30 years.  As well as delivering ANLP accredited Business Practitioner and NLP Business Coach she delivers a range of NLP based leadership development programmes.  She is also the founder of the online NLP Business Circle Club and the Professional Growth Club

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