A Personal Message from Julie Silverthorn

Julie Silverthorn, our announced presenter, has let us know that, reluctantly, she must withdraw for the reasons she sets out below – –

“I was really looking forward to our time together (and had already purchased two outfits for it while I was in Hawaii!,) but unfortunately I recently developed some very unexpected health issues. The course of treatment is such that sadly, I am unable to be certain of my ability to travel in April for the conference. I thought it was the better part of wisdom to advise Karen and her Conference Committee sooner rather than later and let them make the best decision for the success of the Conference. In the meanwhile I have begun alternative treatments and am using Hypnosis in an effort to heal my body as naturally as possible.

I suggested approaching David Shephard, a gifted Trainer who I have known for over 20 years, and see if his schedule would allow him to take over the April 28 Master Class for me. I am very excited that he was available and will be teaching that day. My #1 interest is the success of the Conference and the future of NLP. I know you will have an incredible experience with him!

I send you all the very, very best from Scottsdale Arizona and I hope our paths cross again…perhaps even sooner than you may think!”

We are sure you will understand and support Julie’s decision to withdraw from the conference and wish her a speedy recovery.

As Julie has said, our Masterclass presenter for this year will now be David Shephard of the Performance Partnership and we are pleased (and a little excited) to welcome him. His topic will be
‘The Wizard’s Secret’ – Less Logic, More Magic – ancient Hawaiian Huna.

David will deliver a very special session in which you can experience and learn the core concepts and beliefs that embody the Huna system and techniques for transformation and empowerment that can put more magic into your life.

Julie and David share an expertise and interest in Huna, so we believe it is a fitting replacement session and one that will set you up spiritually and mentally for the following two days of sessions on a wide range of subjects.

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