Creating Change in the Blink of an Eye

 NLP Extensions Stream – Saturday 29th April @ 16:30pm

IEMT was developed from Connirae and Steve Andreas’ NLP technique known as Eye Movement Integration by Andrew T Austin. A number of neurological phenomena are observed when a client is accessing problematic imagery. IEMT is however, a lot more than moving a client’s eyes whilst they access their problem state and or memories.

• How is IEMT relevant to NLP Professionals
• Roots of IEMT – the inspiration behind & development of IEMT
• Applications of IEMT to include Phobias, Limiting Beliefs, Past Trauma & PTSD
• Contraindications
• Brief content free intervention
• Case Histories & how IEMT has enhanced my One to One Sessions with clients
• Demonstration
• Interactive feedback on demonstration
• Pairs Exercise
• Interactive feedback on exercise
• Outline of the Models of IEMT
• Research and efficacy

Joanna Harper

Joanna Harper of Integrate Training is both an NLP and an IEMT Trainer based in South East England.

Joanna integrates NLP and IEMT into her one to one sessions. She has a passion for coaching her clients to overcome challenging experiences and to train her students achieve their true potential.

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