Mastering Wealth, Health and Happiness

 Personal Empowerment Stream – Saturday 29th April @ 14:30pm

Robert Smith has studied success for nearly 50 years.  He has taught NLP,Leadership and Coaching in 90 + countries and would love to share the secrets of his own colourful, rich, exciting and successful life. Most of the ideas are not his, he simply follows in the footsteps of giants and adds a dash of “smiffy magic”.

You have all the resources you need (NLP presupposition) to be Wealthy, Healthy and Happy………the outcome of this session is……the HOW TO switch it on.

Robert Smith

Robert Smith is the Master of making the complex simple, easy to understand and fun.

He is simply the best at what he does. Whether Robert is Training The Trainers, Training Master Coaches or Training Leaders his depth of knowledge, experience and humanity shines through.

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