So you think you know Meta Model?

 Advanced NLP Stream – Saturday 29th April @ 11:30am

Maybe you’ve heard that in the first minute, your client has told you everything you need to know? Actually, they will have told you even before they begin speaking. Just imagine what you could do with that kind of knowledge.  Many trainers trivialise or gloss over Meta Model, turning it into a tedious series of fact-finding questions. Some don’t even train it at all.  Yet even Bandler said that if you know Meta Model, you can work out all of the Practitioner techniques. It’s the basis of modelling, and it should be something you’re using at the start of every client interaction.  Maybe you think that nominalisations are frozen moments in time, or distorted referential indices are dissociations?

What if I could show you that these interpretations aren’t true? What if I could show you how these, and all of the Meta Model patterns, are more. So, so much more.

If you really want to know Meta Model and be amazed at the sheer volume of information packed into our language and behaviour then this is the
workshop for you.  By the end of this workshop…
You will understand Meta Model at a level beyond what you thought possible with this amazing, flexible, all-purpose insight into the inner
workings of your client’s mind. Or of anyone’s mind.

You will be able to understand exactly what anyone means, regardless of what they say or feel able to say – how’s that for rapport?

Your coaching sessions will be shorter, more impactful and more rewarding for both you and your client.

You’ll finally be able to work content-free by uncovering the hidden structure of your client’s behaviour patterns.

Peter Freeth

Peter Freeth has been learning, developing and training NLP for over 20 years and is regarded as an innovator in the field.

He has written 12 books on the subject, runs free taster and refresher sessions in Warwickshire, UK, and NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer training in the UK, Spain and India every year.

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