Overview of the Meta-Coaching System

Advanced NLP Stream – Sunday 30th April @ 14:30pm

The Meta-Coaching System is an advanced NLP Coach Training Program that answers the question, “How do you know what to do, when to do it, with whom, how to pull it off, and why?”  To answer this question is to have a systematic approach which creates a sense of confidence for the professional coach.  Meta-Coaching begins with the basic NLP Model of the Meta-Model, Meta-Programs, Strategies and goes further with Meta-States, Benchmarking, Self-Actualization Quadrants and the Matrix Model.  Dr. Hall will provide an overview, a coaching demonstration, and a debriefing.

1) Distinguish coaching methodology from the other helping professions esp. therapy.
2) Identify the distinguishing factors of the Meta-Coaching System.
3) Define what coaching is and how it achieves its design.

Michael Hall

L. Michael Hall, Ph.D. co-founded the Meta-Coaching System in 2001 with Michelle Duval, there are now 10 Meta-Coach Trainers, 3,500 Licensed Meta-Coaches in 65 countries.  Dr. Hall has written 14 books on the Meta-Coaching System as well as many other NLP books supporting Coaching.

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