NLP and the Excellent Entrepreneur

Empowering NLP Professionals Stream – Sunday 30th April @ 11:30am

Success in uncertain times requires an entrepreneurial spirit. Its hallmarks are insight, creativity, collaboration and resilience, so it’s no surprise that NLP is a uniquely powerful asset for what is definitely an inside job.

From her work with businesses ranging from small to global, all engaged in an entrepreneurial shift, Faith will outline how, when NLP is combined with the equally elegant Lean Business method, success happens. It’s not always smooth sailing but it’s so worthwhile for excitement, progress and results.

She will also share the single essential key, something known to every NLPer who ever took a training course or read an NLP book.

The aim of this session is to share modelling findings about successful entrepreneurial
thinking so that attendees will be able to:
1. Assess and if appropriate, innovate their own thinking patterns, whether they are in business or in employment
2. Contribute and develop their own thoughts, experiences and findings to what is a trending and vital aspect of 21st century life

Lynne Cooper and Wendy Sullivan

Lynne Cooper has used NLP in her coaching, team coaching, training and facilitation work with organisations for nearly 20 years. She trains and supervises coaches. Lynne is the author of Business NLP for Dummies and co-author of the Five-Minute Coach: improve performance rapidly.

Wendy Sullivan is an experienced coach, a certified NLP Trainer, and an accredited psychotherapist.  She runs Clean Change Company and delivers extensive Clean training programmes.   She is co-author of Clean Language, and with Lynne Cooper, she offers The Professional Clean Coach, a course awarded ‘Accredited Certificate in Coach Training’ by The Association for Coaching.


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