Relationships and the Enneagram (and How To Get Unstuck)

NLP Extensions StreamSunday 30th April @ 09:30am

Our relationships are a profoundly important part of our lives and fortunately we have many useful NLP tools that have probably enhanced our ability to relate in helpful and fulfilling ways.  However we may still find that our relationship with family members or colleagues can sometimes be a source of friction and frustration. We may find something similar in organisational and team environments, and perhaps even our closest and most precious relationships can get a little stuck from time to time.  The Enneagram is a remarkable tool for developing self awareness and for deepening our understanding of others.  Rather than exploring 9 ‘personality types’ in detail – we’ll  explore some of the broader patterns that the Enneagram offers us in terms of understanding and healing our relationships at home and at work.

The outcomes of this sessions will be to give a brief introduction to the broader patterns of the Enneagram that are particularly relevant in our relating.  In addition to recognising previously unconscious patterns – we’ll introduce a powerful pattern for easing conflict and freeing relationships that have run in to trouble.

Dr Henrie Lidiard

Henrie’s approach is grounded in her long-term study of self-awareness, and the practical application of mindfulness and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). She also works with the body using tools that increase resilience, relaxation and effectiveness. Her passion is helping people to connect to their deeper nature and to the wisdom of the present moment. Dr Henrie Lidiard is an NLP Master Trainer and is also an Enneagram Institute Accredited Trainer.

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