The 7 less-obvious tips when NLP coaching

Empowering NLP Professionals Stream – Sunday 30th April @ 14:30pm

Coaching, whether done as a profession or by line managers, has become an essential tool to help clients achieve even greater success (however the client defines it) and to develop employees.

Aimed at NLP Coaches, this interactive workshop will provide you with some highly practical tips to enhance your coaching skills, including some topics which are taught on very few NLP courses, so that you can provide outstanding value to your coaching clients. These will include things to do before the first ½ hour of the first session, things to do at least once every session, and a coaching model into which you can fit all your NLP knowledge.

Attendees will learn:

-how to use their NLP skills in a practical way to coach more effectively, including how to use every NLP tool and technique as a coach

-some ways to set up the coaching relationship for success, and avoid problems later

-how to almost guarantee than an NLP/coaching intervention will work.

Jeremy Lazarus

Jeremy Lazarus is an Accredited Master Executive Coach, a Certified Master Trainer of NLP and a former finance director.  He specialises in the use of NLP in business, sport and coaching, and is the author of four books (all best-sellers on Amazon UK).

His clients include blue chips, SMEs, several NHS trusts, charities and elite athletes, including the Great Britain pistol shooting team and Premier League footballers. He is a guest lecturer at UK universities.

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