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Art Giser

Working With the Hidden Structure of Emotions

Sunday 14th May - 09:00 - 10:30 (BST)

Top Tip before attending Art's session - visit and watch Art's 4 videos on Energetic NLP

Presentation details...

NLP approaches to emotional freedom are powerful, but incomplete.


There is a hidden structure to emotions that is in your energy field. When you add working with that structure to NLP, the results are astounding.


At this session, you will clear and heal old emotional programming from your energy field, conscious mind, unconscious mind, and spirit.


Learn an easy, rapid technique to shift and heal even the most intense emotions.


Discover the surprising true source of the emotions that cause you the most difficulty (hint: they are not really your emotions).


Have more emotional freedom and mastery.

Learning outcomes...
  • More emotional freedom and mastery.


  • You will significantly change your emotional patterns during the session.


  • You will learn a powerful and expanded model for emotions.


  • You will also learn some of Leslie Cameron-Bandler's model for emotional freedom.


And it will be fun!

About Art...

Art Giser, creator of Energetic NLP, is an internationally renowned NLP trainer, intuitive, healer.


An NLP trainer for 38 years, Art's unique background includes: NLP, spirituality, coaching, medical research, transformative/healing energy work, clairvoyance, and two empowerments from the Dalai Lama.


He also works with top corporations to develop exceptional leaders/teams.

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