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Nishith Shah

Leaping Into Your Vision in Spite of Having the Fear 

Sunday 21st May - 9:00 - 12:30 (BST)

Top Tip before attending Nishith's session - Come with an outcome/vision in mind - something that you want to do, where something is holding you back...

Presentation details...

Do you have a vision for your life? And is fear holding you back from fully living that vision?    


Then you want to be part of this session, because “taking the leap into your vision even though you hold fear within you” is a mindset & skill mastered by base jumpers around the world.    


Here is what base jumpers do: They walk up to an edge of a cliff or a tall building and jump off with their parachutes.    


And it’s not that they aren’t afraid of it. They are afraid of heights; they are afraid of things going wrong and yet they make that jump by holding the fear in and using it to their advantage.    


Imagine, having that skill in life? Imagine, modelling this mindset to be able to hold the fear in and use it to fully live your vision in any area of your life. That’s what this session is about.    


In this session, we will explore and understand some of the significant patterns that allow base jumpers to make those jumps and live their dreams.    


Then we will apply them in areas of our lives where fear is holding us back to achieve our goals.    


And of course, in the process, we are going to learn some in-depth “models” of NLP Modelling.

Learning outcomes...
  • Learning strategies and mindset to walking (or jumping) into the unknown in spite of having fear  

  • Take your NLP modelling skills to the next level by experiencing

  • How it works, how you notice patterns, and how you install these patterns in yourself

  • Overall transform your limiting “fear” patterns

About Nishith...

Nishith Shah is an NLP Master Trainer and  has been developing the field of NLP for more than 12 years.


He has spent more than 10 years of his life modelling the monks in the Himalayas, Base Jumpers in Switzerland, Indigenous tribes in Brazil and locals of Goa.

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